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Trusts are a legal way of giving your money, property or shares, to others, whilst ensuring that you, or others that you trust, retain some control over what happens to those assets.

They are frequently used to avoid paying unnecessary IHT, or for helping to solve long-term family or domestic situations, such as giving money to children or grandchildren, but at an age when they can be considered to be responsible.

You can create a trust while you are alive, usually by a formal trust deed. This is usually referred to as a "settlement", or you can create a trust on your death in your Will (a "Will Trust").

Whichever method is used the document will set out what is being given away, who is going to look after it (the "trustees" - who can include yourself in lifetime trusts), who is to benefit from the gift (the "beneficiaries"), and any rules that the trustees must follow when looking after the assets.

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